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Modern Kitchen Design - Affordable Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Cabinets

  • Designed in Europe built  in the USA

  • Cabinets delivered in 2-4 weeks

  • All Wood Construction and European drawer box

  • 10x10 Set starts at only $3200.00

Quality Modern Cabinets.. that yes you can afford! is proud to offer Modern European designed Cabinets at affordable pricing. Our modern cabinet line is made of the finest acrylic, UV coated lacquer and textured HDF on the market. 

Our Modern Cabinets inspired by Europeans best Kitchen Cabinet manufacturers and are tailored to match any lifestyle. Our cabinets are built frameless for that sleek modern furniture look. 

Built for Life uses hydraulic lift hinges

Hydraulic lift hinge uses DTC and Blum hinges

Soft close hinge uses Tandem drawer boxes

Tandem drawer

High Gloss Stock Colors

Textured Stock Colors

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