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How to measure your kitchen?

Measuring your kitchen can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. Our step-by-step guide takes you through the process and identifies the many elements you’ll need to measure in order to get accurate dimensions.

Before any planning can start we must know the exact dimensions available to work with. Using the measuring procedure illustrated, carefully prepare a simple floor plan of your existing kitchen. Your completed floor plan should resemble the diagram shown below. Make sure you show exact locations of doors, windows, hood vents, exhaust, gas line, water line, drains, switches, outlets, light fixtures, and heat vents. Double check all measurements.

You will need a steel measuring tape, paper, and a pencil to get a perfect fit you will need the right materials.

Step 1

Create your kitchens floor plan on the paper.  Be sure to include doors, windows, walkways and any other obstructions you have in the kitchen then label each area.

Step 2

Start measuring. Remember to measure in inches, it should be to the nearest eighth of an inch. Beginning at the left corner measure the full length of each wall, this total will also include all windows and doors ways. Record the distance between the walls on your floor plan sketch.

Step 3

Measure the ceiling height.  You may need to take it in 2 or 3 places to compensate for any variations. Add this information to your floor plan as well.

Step 4

Measure the windows, doors and any other items in your kitchen.  Keep in mind when measuring doors and windows you also want to include the frames. Add these totals to your drawings as well. Then measure from the floor to the bottom of each window and measure the overall window height. If you have printed these instructions, write the measurements in the table provided below.

Step 5

Finally, check your measurements. If your room is rectangular add up the measurements of the parallel walls and make sure they match (or are at least very close). Then do the same with the bottom wall.

Once you’ve got your kitchen measurements, visit to check out all of our cabinet products!

Download guide how to measure kitchens

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